An Overview of Ticket Otter

Ticket Otter is a locally managed ticketing system. Ticket Otter allows customers selling tickets to a variety of events and festivals, soliciting and tracking donations from patrons, and up-to-date reporting on all these activities to review your results.

Our quick one-time set up fee, uses your organization's merchant account to collect ticket revenue (which means the money is deposited into your bank account in about 48 hours) and charges about $1/ticket as a service fee. This small fee can be easily passed back to the ticket purchaser, essentially rendering the software cost-free to your organization after the initial one time set up fee.

Scanners and other equipment are provided to your gate volunteers to redeem the tickets and provide on-site, live person support. This simplicity allows you to teach your volunteers how the scanners work and monitor entry gate procedures. Ticket Otter is currently used by the SLO Symphony, KCBX Live Oak Music Festival, SLO Film Festival, Festival Mozaic and many more.

Important Reasons Why Your Event Should Always Use Ticket Otter

Ease of Use

Ticket scanning does not require a constant online connection. Simply run your event anyhwere you want and our system will sync up perfectly when you do have a internet connection.

Ease of Payment

Payments are sent immediately from the purchaser to you! Don't wait to get paid by a third party until after your event. Use your funds to pay for your expenses as you get them!

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